Big List of Free Tokens, Coins, ICO Airdrops, Bounties, Referral Programs

Big List of Free Tokens, Coins, ICO Airdrops, Bounties, Referral Programs

Big List of Free Tokens, Coins, ICO Airdrops, Bounties, Referral Programs

Update (MAR 9 2018 ) : More than 100+ Airdrops have been listed here. Follow me in twitter for more airdrops and giveaways 

It’s FREE MONEY! Can you believe it? Yes you must.

All these airdrops, bounties or referral programs to collect Free Tokens are TIME-SENSITIVE. Some may even end in few days and some in few hours too. So please hurry and join and earn as soon as possible.


***All airdrops mostly require you to join their social media importantly their telegram groups or channels

The aim of this post is to collect all list of Free Crypto Currency airdrops of tokens , coins and ICO referral programs and post them in this article. This will be an ultimate resource of legitimate free token airdrops that you can join as early as possible and collect the tokens and reap the rewards. You can make more money from the free airdrops itself. Hope you like this, please provide your comments.

The list will be updated daily with new coin/token airdrops.


(New) Bitcoiin 2Gen ICO – Visit

Check the list of Ongoing ICO’s – Visit


Open Future Airdrop – Get Free Open Tokens – Visit

SuchApp Official Airdrop – Get More Free Tokens – Visit

SuchApp Bounty – Get 1000’s of Free Tokens – Visit

Shivom Airdrop – Get $12 OmiX Tokens and  $4 per friend – Visit

LAPO AIRDROP – Get 100LAX Free and earn 50 LAX for every friend – VISIT 

CloudBounce Airdrop – Get  100DB Tokens Free + 50DB Tokens for Refering Friend – Visit

LUXY Community Airdrop – Earn Minimum 9000 Tokens and Maximum 90000 Tokens – Visit

DivinumCoin Airdrop – Get 20DVC Free + 1 DVC for referring a friend – Visit

Monanex Airdrop – Get 100MNX Tokesn Free – Visit

CFC Airdrop – Get 188 CFC + 188 CFC for referring a Friend – Visit

Yoo-Mi Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

Drivr Network Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

XpressToken Giveaway – Get Free Tokens – Visit

AILink Airdrop – Get 100 Tokens Free + 50 Tokens For Referring a Friend – Visit

BNG Airdrop – Get 7BNG Tokens Free + 7 BNG for Referring Friend – Visit

LemonChain Airdrop – Get Free Tokens –Visit

EquityBase Contest – Win $14,000 BASE Tokens – Visit

PumpCoin Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

ShPing Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

DX Network Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

WMT Airdrop – Get 88 WMT Tokens + 188 WMT Tokens for Each Referral – Visit

CoinStocks Airdrop – Get Free IOX Tokens + 50 IOX for each Referral – Visit

Satoshi Game Airdrop – Get 5000 GSGC + 3000 GSGC For Each Referral – Visit

CTE Airdrop – Get 6.66 CET + 6.66 CET For Each Referral – Visit

GeneChainPlus Airdrop – Get 20 GENE + 20 GENE For Each Referral – Visit

AgentNotNeeded Airdrop – Get Free Tokens Enter Referral Code ddhan  Visit

Elementh Airdrop – Get 1 Stake + 1 Stake for Each Referral(upto 20) – Visit

IndxCoin Airdrop – Get 1500 Indxcoin Free and 50 Indxcoin for Each Referral – Visit

QatarCoin Airdrop –  More than 10 Referrals You get 500 QTC FREE (Valuable) + 8% Referral Commission – Visit

Retainly Airdrop – Get Rs250($5) for Signup + Rs100($2) For Each Referral – Visit

XRPC Airdrop – Get 10 XRPC and 10 XRPC per Referral – Visit

ClassyCoin Airdrop – Get 50 Coins + 50 Coins For Each Referral – Visit

MercedezCoin – Get 100 Coins Free + Free Coins For Each Referral – Visit

Bitilluminati Airdrop – Get 6 BIC Free – Visit

BitBix Airdrop – Get 20 BIX  + 20 BIX for Each Referral – Visit

DATX Airdrop – Get 3.2 DATX – Visit

SuperToken Airdrop – Get 10000 Tokens + For Each Referral (use Google translator for translating for filling Registration form) – Visit

AOT Airdrop – GET 168 AOT FREE + 268 AOT for Each Referral – Visit

CNNToken Airdrop – Get 88 CNN Tokens + 128 CNN Tokens for Each Referral – Visit

SimplyVitalHealth Airdrop – Join To get More Free Tokens – Visit

VendiCoins Airdrop – Get 10 VendiCoins For Each Referral – Visit

BitSong Airdrop – Visit

Ethearnal Airdrop – Visit

BlockChain Deposit – Get FREE 200 USD one-time deposit bonus + 200 USD* as a deposit bonus For referring friends + 40 USD* for each guest invited by your junior partner – Details / Visit

Ojut Airdrop – Refer Friend and Both you and your friend will get FREE coins worth up to $10,000 each time! – Visit

EGG Tokens  – Get 24 Egg Tokens and 12 Egg Tokens For Each Friend – Visit

Smoke Airdrop  – Get More Free Tokens – Visit

BitPaction Airdrop – Get 100 BPS Tokens – Visit

THUG COIN – Get 133 THUG for each Referal – Visit

BittLend Airdrop – Register to Get 5 BTL  – Visit

Charter Airdrop – Get 20 Tokens + 10 Tokes For Each Referral – Visit

DAC Airdrop – Get 80 DAC + 80 DAC For Each Referral – Visit

LINKEYE Airdrop – Get 5 LET For Each Referral – Visit

Bitdark 50000 Tokens Giveaway! Visit

Open Future Airdrop – Get Free Open Tokens – Visit

Newton Tree Airdrop – Get 99 NTT Tokens + 99 NTT For Each Referral – Visit

AdRealm Airdrop – Get 100 Stakes to join their telegram + 10 stakes for Each Referral – Fill below unique code in Form in field “Get your unique code sent to you” – df1c38c691237f420c876b771cde2bbf    –   Visit

iGift Token Airdrop – Get 100 iGift Tokens+ Free Tokens For Each Referral  – Visit

VeriMe Airdrop – Visit

BirdrChain Airdrop – Get 420 Birds Tokens For Each Referral – Visit

GoldchainPro – Get 18 gold tokens + 8 Gold Tokens for Each Referral – Visit

PayPro Airdrop – Each referral gives you 0.25x extra tokens. You can receive up to 5x tokens by referring 19 more people to complete the same airdrop form you did – Visit

AIFUNS Airdrop – Get 50 AIF + 20 AIF For Each Referral – Visit

ShareX Airdrop – Get Free Tokens For Each Referral – Visit

NEXO Airdrop – Get Upto 40 Nexo Tokens – Visit

PumpToken – Get 300 Pump Token + 200 Pump Token for Each Referral – Visit

TRILLHUB Airdrop – Get 100 TLC Tokens + 100 TLC Tokens for Each Referral – Visit

300cubits bounty program and earn FREE tokens – Visit

SpherePay Airdrop – Get 5000SAY for Each Person(upto 10) You Refer – Visit

Cortex Coins Airdrop -get 5 Cortex Coin for Each Referral – Visit

Each time you share the link to your friends, you get 5 Cortex Coins!

ATOC airdrop – Get 10000ATOC – Visit (ENDED)

ICO is in PROGRESS! ATO Chatm, invested by INB Capital of Li Xiaolaim, is starting its ICO! Inviting friends to get 10000 free ATOC! Time is limited! What are you still waiting for? Clicking:

FatBTC Airdrop – Get 500 HTML Coins for Referring Friends and the friend gets 100 HTML Coins – Hurry OFFER ENDS SOON

DentaCoin Airdrop – Get 472 DENTACOIN FREE and For Each Referral – Visit

Dropil Airdrop (HURRY ENDING TODAY) – Get 1000 DROPs FREE – Visit

Fgcoin Airdrop – GET 250 FGC FREE – Visit

Refind Airdrop – Get 20 coins Free and For Each Referred Friend – Details  / Go Direct

Cortex Airdrop – Get 5 Cortex Coins For Referring – Visit

Lucky Airdrop – Get 66 free LUCKY + 66 LUCKY for every invited friend! – Visit

MEX Airdrop – Get 5 MEX and 8 MEX for each referral – Visit 

OhtaniCoin Airdrop – Get 500 Ohtani Free + 1000 Ohtani for each referral – Visit

Hydro Platform – get up to an amazing 444,444 tokens to develop with on the platform – Visit

Bitmart Airdrop – 20 BMX + 10 BMX for Each Friend(up to 3000 BMX) – Visit

Gym Rewards Airdrop – Get 1000 GYM Free – Visit

Havven Airdrop – Get Free Tokens and increses it by 20x by referring 19 referrals – Visit

Oru Airdrop – Get 300 ORU + 300 ORU for Each Friend you Refer (must fill this referral code:   DHA6148   to get 300 ORU else you will get only 50 ORU) – Visit

Birdchain Airdrop – Get 420 Birds for Each Friend you Refer – Visit

Aethia Blockchain Breeding Game – Visit

Linkeye Airdrop – Get 5 LET For each Friend – Visit

CEEK Airdrop – Visit

Cibus Airdrop – Get 2 CBT Free – Visit

EraCoin Airdrop – Refer Friend with email get 5 ERC and 2 ERC for 20 clicks – Visit

SwapCoinz – Get 10 SPC Token Free – Visit

Tulip Mania Airdrop – 50 Stakes + $10 Worth BULB – Visit

U Network Airdrop – Get 100 Candies + 99 Candies for Each Friend you Refer – Visit

Friendz Airdrop – Get Free Tokens + Upto 30 Tokens For Referring Each Friend + Airdrop on 10 FEB – Visit

BitSation Airdrop – Use Referral Code:   wSnshokKu44394   – Visit

DAC Token – Earn 40 DAC and 40 DAC for referring friend – Visit

TattiCoin Airdrop – Get Free Tokens – Visit

PLAZA – Get 50-200 PLAZA and 10 PLAZA for each Referral – Go Direct

VALPROMISECORE – get 100 VPP and For each friend you invite, you will get 50 VPP! – Go Direct

Datocoin – Get 60 DTCN for Every 16 Friends and 15% of Token Purchase – Go Direct

Current – Refer friends to Current and get up to $100 in free CRNC Go Direct

SETCOIN – GET 1 FREE Tokens + 5 SET for Referring – Visit

EDU Tokens -88 EDU for Registering and 88 EDU for each referral – Go Direct

TUBI Tokens – Get 88 TUBI and 88 TUBI for each Referral – Go Direct

IPM Tokens – Get 66 IPM tokens free. Get 188 free IPM for every invited friend! – Go Direct

SSS Token – Get 188 SSS for Registering and for 188 SSS for Each Referral – Go Direct

Ecom Airdrop – Get 10 tokens per referral – Go Direct

ICC Token – Get 88 ICC and 88 ICC for Referring – Go Direct

Victra Coin – Get Free Coins and also For each referral up to 3 levels – Go Direct

Yeetoken Airdrop (Get 100+ Free YEEtokens) –  Details   /   Go Direct

SECTech Token Airdrop (Get 100 Free SEC Tokens) –  Details   /   Go Direct

Shareschain Airdrop – Earn Upto 4500 SCT Tokens Free – Details   /   Go Direct

SGpay Token Airdrop – 2 SGP Free per Referral – Details   /   Go Direct

Silvar Coin – Get 100 Tokens Free – Go Direct

MICRODATACHAIN – Get 1 MCMC FREE and 5 MCMC for Each referral – Go Direct

CellBlocks Airdrop – 10 CLBK Free and More – Details   /   Go Direct

Kami Tokens – Get 100 KAMI and 20 KAMI for each Friend

You and your friend will get 100 KAMIs and 20 KAMI from your referral

Wfee – Get 50 WFEE per friend invited

Join the telegram group and promote.

AffiliateCoin – Get 25 Free AFL and 50 AFL for Referring Friend

Decentralized affiliate network and more… For every user that registers using this link you will be credited with an Additional 50 AFL. The user who registers will also receive 25 AFL just for registering.

TriipBooking – Get 50 Free TRP Tokens and Earn More Tokens

Decentralized Travel Booking… You can more Free TRP tokens by doing some simple tasks and also get 5% of your friend’s token purchase.

Walletours – Free 1000 tokens for referring friend

Walletours is a decentralized cryptocurrency, created and directed for all of the tourist community Get Free 1000 tokens for referring friends.

Wizzle – Refer a Friend get 50 Tokens Free for Each Friend

Refer a friend to the WIZZLE Infinity ICO! Get 50 WZI tokens for yourself

ConnectX – Get Free 25 ConnectX coins for each friend Joining Webinar

For Each Friend You Refer That Attends the Webinar, You Get 25 ConnectX Coins. At 10 Friends, You Get An Additional 500 ConnectX Coins. At 50 Friends, You Get An Additional 5,000 ConnectX Coins.

IOST – Free 68 IOST for registering and referring friends

FREE TOKENS For every friend you invite from now on, you will get 68 IOST from Airdrop event later. Stay tuned!

LINO – Free 20 LNO for registering and referring friends

GET FREE TOKENS For each friend you invite, you and your friend will each get 20 LNO!

EBCOIN – Get Upto 120 EBCOIN Free

Do simple tasks and earn 120 EBCOIN Free. The EBCOIN Project seeks to improve the inconvenient tax refund process for travelers around the world. With low fees and ease of use, EBCoin promises to be a great gift for international travelers!

Koin – 25 KOIN for registering and verifying email and refer friends and earn

SHARE KOIN – EARN KOIN – SPEND KOIN – OWN KOIN! Earn 25 KOIN today by signing up for free.

Edu Coin – FREE 88 EDU Tokens

For each friend you invite, you and your friend will each get 88 EDU!

GSC Social – Get 20 GSC and 20 GSC for each friend referred

Each successful recommendation to join can get more 20 GSC!

Consensus – Get Free SEN Tokens and 100 SEN Tokens for each Referred Friend

Decentralized AI platform, to achieve collective governance based on interdependence using advanced technologies.

WCX Exchange – Get 50 WCX Tokens and 50 Tokens + 5% For each referred friend

WCX is Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange. When a friend signs up using your unique link, you get 50 WCXT + 5% of the WCXT they buy, and they get an extra 15% bonus when they WCXT.

Speedcoin – Get 500 Speedcoins Free and 500 coins For Referring

If you never used Bitcoin, start with Speedcoin

EnergiToken – Get 5 ETK Free and 5 ETK for Each  Friend

EnergiToken rewards energy saving behaviour. Their blockchain solution will create a platform to reward energy efficient behaviour through EnergiToken.

LegitCoin – Get $20 worth tokens and $20 worth tokens for referring a friend

Share Legitcoin with your friends and trustees using your referral link. Each time someone signs up via this link, you will be rewarded with $20 equivalent of Legitcoin as well as 7% of their Legitcoin purchases. Your referals get $10 (5 LEGIT) worth of Legitcoin for signup.

Hurify – Refer Friend and Both Get 50 Stakes of HUR Tokens

Hurify Inc. founded by Ex-Intel veterans, is an Ethereum based decentralized platform that facilitates IoT Developers to monetize their IoT hardware resources and services via Smart Contracts.

When a person registers on Hurify platform using your referral link, both you (as referrer) and referee will receive 50 STAKES of HUR Tokens as a reward.

If someone purchases Token in Tokensale using your referral link, You will recieve 100 STAKES of HUR Tokens as a reward.

Sports Coin – Get 5 FREE SOC and 2 SOC for each Friend

With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, All Sports public blockchain hopes to fill in the blank of blockchain application in sports industry through blockchain technology.

Blockport – Get Free Tokens for Referring Friends

Blockport is the first social crypto exchange, based on a hybrid-decentralized architecture

Get Free tokens for referring friends and completing simple tasks. And also get free tokens from bounty program. 5 BPT for every person you invite to the bounty campaign and more ways to earn.

Don’t miss this.

Altcoin Exchange – Get Upto 25% of Trading Fees of your Referrals

A truly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Powered by Atomic Swaps.

Refer Friends and earn upto 25% of fees from your referrals

Upcoin Exchange – Get upto 50% of Trading Fees

Join this New CryptoCurrency Exchange. You will get up to 50% of all the fees your referrals generate at

CET – Get 88 CET FREE & Refer Friend Get 88 CET Free for each Refer

Join $CET 8Mn AIRDROP CET, a new blockchain-based content ecosystem, will be available on market within the next ten days. Follow @CET_Blockchain and invite your friends to get 88 CET for FREE.

CIChain – Get 30 CIC Tokens Free and 30 CIC for each Friend

For each friend you invite, you and your friend will each get 30 CIC!


Jade Cash Coin – Earn Free Tokens and Free Tokens for Each Invite and more…

1) Join their discord group and invite as many as you can. Get free tokens for each refer and also highest referrer wins prizes and more coins.

2) And also Join airdrop to get free tokens.

CCRB – Get Free Tokens $5 worth CCRB

CCRB, which the world’s most innovative consumer-oriented CryptoCurrency due to its unique usability. Hurry up and click to claim your FREE CCRB before the offer runs out – Sign Up Now. Also recieve 10% bonus from token purchase by your friend.

Refereum – Get Free Tokens for registering and referring friends

Follow steps below

1)Register in telegram – Click here

2)Register in Website – Click here

Viu Tokens Airdrop – Get 10 VIU Tokens Free and 7 VIU tokens For Each Friend  – Details   /   Go Direct

DATA – For each friend you refer, both you and your friend will each receive 10 DTA for free

For each friend you refer, both you and your friend will each receive 10 DTA for free

Sense Tokens – Get 25 SENSE Coins Free and 25 SENSE for Each Friend

Register for Free 25 SENSE and share now to get 25 SENSE each time a friend joins using the code:  dhana

SPHERE Tokens – Get 100 SAT Free Tokens and also Refer Friend to get Free Tokens

Get free tokens for registering and also for referring friends.

Dock – Invite and Earn $3 worth of Tokens

Dock is a decentralized data exchange protocol built entirely on blockchain, transforming the $200 billion professional industry.

There are many ways to earn Free Tokens.

Current – Get Free Tokens For Referring Friends

Current is an all-in-one social network.

Zonto Social Network – Get Free Tokens

After registration your friend will receive additional 125 coins, and you will top up your wallet with 250 coins

NKOR – Get 1000’s of Tokens Free

Join the NKOR bounty program and earn tokens! It’s easy and simple, what are you waiting for?

SuchApp – Get 1000’s of Tokens Free

Sign up to win mountains of free #cryptocurrency tokens in the SuchApp bounty contest! Don’t miss out!

Open Money – Get 1000’s of Tokens Free

Join the Open Money ICO Bounty Program! Up to 6 million tokens available.

ZeroSum – Get 1000’s of Tokens Free

Join the ZeroSum Bounty Contest!

SwiftDemand – Get 100 Swift Tokens DAILY and 500 For Each Friend
It has decided to launch the cryptocurrency token. For each friend you refer you will receive 500 Swifts. This program will remain in effect until 5,000,000 users have been reached.

BigWinCoin – Earn Free 500 BGW Coin and 500 For Each Friend

Fill this form and don’t forget add my email in REFERENCE MAIL (in form).

Bitcoin Nano

Register to get 110 BTN for Free. Invite friends and get 40 BTN and friend gets 10 BTN. Invite over 100 people and you get 1000 BTN.


Get 100 FIT tokens Free

Crypto Club

Register to get $10. Refer friends and get $5 for each refer.


Get 50 Free Tokens. Refer friends and get 5% of the token sale.

Get Free 30,000 POW ‘lite’ Token

Get 30,000 POW lite tokens for free. Hurry as the number of tokens decreases as more claims are made.

Get Free Tokens listening to 30,000+ Radio Stations

And also earn 5% When your referred friend listens to radio. Earn from 3 levels of referred friends.

Get 20 TKY for Each Referral as well as a percentage of TKY Tokens acquired by them in The Key ICO Crowdsale

  1. 20 TKY will be granted to you for each participant who passed the KYC application process through YOUR referral link;
  2. You will get a certain percentage of the total TKY acquired by the participants who finished the investment through YOUR referral link as a referral bonus:
    1. if the total investment through YOUR referral link is between 0.1 BTC – 1 BTC, the referral bonus is 0.5%;
    2. if the total investment through YOUR referral link is between 1 BTC – 10 BTC, the referral bonus is 1%;
    3. if the total investment through YOUR referral link is above 10 BTC, the referral bonus is 3%.

Megaxcoin – Get 1 MGX Free and 1 MGX for each friend

Refer friends and get 1.0 MGX per friend invited!

Housepanda – Get 1.43 HPT and 1.43 HPT for each Firend



DIGITEX ICO CROWDSALE (Starting January 15 2018)

Refer friends and get 30% of whatever your friend spends in the token sale. Your 30% referral payment will be in ETH.

Thorncoin – FINAL SALE Earn when your referral Buys token

Third generation  self-managing lending platform powered on AWS servers. Lending ,  Staking, Trading , and Marketplace.

Join the ICO.

Get 5% Commission from Envion ICO Crowdsale

Get 4% of the amount of tokens purchased by your first level referrals from The AByss ICO Crowdsale

Multilevel referral program provides you 4% of the amount of tokens purchased by your first level referrals. Second and third levels rewards are 2%, fourth and fifth referral levels provide for 1% reward. Each referral is rewarded with 3% bonus for his first contribution;

Get 10% of all Lydian tokens purchased by your referrals

Earn 5% of yours friends investment from Transcodium ICO Crowdsale

Lucky Games ICO

Lucky Gambling Dice Games. You can play using 48 Cryptocurrencies and, if you want, exchange them in a few clicks. The Provably Fair system makes your game 100% manipulation free.

Refer Friends and You will forever receive commisSion from every player you refer. They give the percent of their house edge away on every wagered amount of your referer, regardless of whether the bet is win or loss.

Voila ICO

Refer your friends; get them to sign-up and contribute, and both you and your friend will get a 5% referral bonus. Pre-Sale LIVE: From 1st January, Viola.AI members who purchase VIOLA tokens are eligible to claim 50% bonus. Valid until 31 January 2018 only.

Retainly ICO

Refer friends for ICO CrowdSale and Earn a 20% commission on sales you generate.


The next-gen collaboration platform for software development and beyond.

Refer friends receive 3% contribution from a first level referrals and 0.3% from the second level referrals – all paid in Ethereum

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